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Football tables for disabled people

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    Garlando Special Champion ITSF Football table
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Mister FootballTable The football table specialist
Football tables for the disabled have been exclusively designed for players with a disability looking for a true gaming experience. Their appropriate height and specific cabinet width allow players in a wheelchair to move freely. The height has been carefully studied so as to guarantee the player an optimal vantage point of the playing field and a great freedom of movement. Football tables for the disabled have been designed based on the most popular and reliable tables, with added accessibility. Disabled players can now join the table football community! All the brands have now designed their own football table for disabled players. Football table manufacturers have stepped up their game creativity and ingenuity wise to offer football tables for the disables that are increasingly more innovative, aesthetic and agreeable to use. They are as customisable as classic football tables. Colours, materials and accessories are numerous and varied in order to allow each player with a disability to own a customised football table that resembles no other. Solid wood cabinets, polyamide bearings, aluminium players, Gerflex™ playing field... these are high quality football tables that are great to perfect your game!