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    FAS Micro football table
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Why choose a FAS football table? For FAS, the players’ satisfaction is crucial. FAS is a renowned brand, acclaimed by players across the planet, from Milan to New York and Paris. Known for the quality of their football tables, FAS makes a point to select only the very best construction materials. Every component in a FAS football table was handpicked. As a company that looks to the future, FAS invests in research and development in order to maintain FAS football tables in their prime position on the market. FAS wants to be a responsible, ecologically minded company and has established an environmental chart that must be followed during the production of FAS football tables (a certified inspector checks the work done regularly). FAS exports their products to 38 countries and has learned through the years how to adapt to each market and segment (private individuals, clubs, companies, organisations, etc.) FAS football tables are like chameleons: they can take on various forms thanks to the number of customisation options, which is especially great for big companies willing to associate their image to table football. In short, FAS football tables are in process of taking the world of table football by storm.