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Football table handles

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    Mister football table

    Short black handle (pack of 8) by Mister BabyFoot

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Mister FootballTable The football table specialist
Improve your playing abilities with superior quality football table handles! Are you sick of sliding handles after a couple of games? Discover our offer of ergonomic handles! Created from materials that prevent your hands from sweating, our handles offer a better grasp even during never-ending tournaments until the sun rises... With these there will be no more matches lost! They are easy to install too! Don't wait up! In our selection of football table handles, the most difficult is to choose! We offer long, short, american style... red, black, chrome plates... There is something for every player, every gamestyle and most importantly for every budget. Keep in mind that different type of handles brings different gaming experience with certain strengths and weaknesses. Try them out to find out what works best for you!