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Customize your football table

Whether you want to customize your football table to make it trendier or freshen up its look, here are a few hints you need to know. With the right moves and the right tools, you can customize your football table simply and quickly.

Customize your table football Changing the legs
For this operation, it is recommended that you stand the table up and lean it against a wall. Take off the old legs and position the new ones. Position the bolts and washers and screw them in by hand as far as possible. Finish the screwing with a wrench. If you are a budding artist, more skilled with a brush than a screwdriver, you can repaint the table cabinet and legs. Practical hint: if you are the happy owner of a Bonzini football table and the rails are faded, all you have to do is lightly polish them to give them back their original colour. Congratulations! You've saved yourself a can of red paint!
Customize your table football 2 Changing the players on a rod
Unscrew the handle and remove the nut. On the other side of the table, several screws hold the entering rod. Unscrew them all to remove the outer rod and the inner rod. When you place the new players on the rod, identify the one with a shoulder insignia. It must be placed the closest to the external spring. Don’t forget to properly lubricate the bars. If they are a bit rusty, using steel wool and some elbow grease will get rid of it in a flash! And you can use a bit of paint not only to freshen up your players but customize your football table with the colours of your favorite team. When painting the player’s faces, don’t forget that soccer is a global sport! Here is a design hint to give your football table a dazzling metallic look. With a universal brush, strip the paint off of each of the players. This operation will only take 5 minutes and won’t damage your players. To improve even more the final look, you can decide to polish one of the teams, and leave the other with a rougher look. In addition to making your football table more aesthetically pleasing, it will also allow you to easily differentiate the players on the two teams.
Customize your table football 3 Changing the field
If the field is getting damaged and there are glue thickness irregularities, you'll have to open the cabinet. Then, open the press-lock that is found on the side in order to lift up the upper part of the table and measure the exact dimensions of the game surface. Now all you have to do is find the field of your dreams…or create one from scratch! Use your imagination! Note that the trend is towards minimalism, with a white or silver field…Once you’ve made your choice, cut the field according to the dimensions you want and set it in place using a double-sided tape. Now you can play on your new field and discover its new playability.
Customize your table football 4 Changing the goals
If the goals are starting to show signs of age, or if you simply want to change them for a newer model, all you need is a wrench. Goals are normally held in place by 4 bolts. If you want to freshen up the goals, it's a bit more difficult. You'll need to sand the goals with sandpaper, starting with coarser paper, 80 grain, followed by 120, 320, 600, 1200…and finally 4000! Count on a full hour to complete the work in a satisfactory way. Design hint: finalize it all with a bit of aluminium Belgom to get a great reflective effect!

Customize your table football 5
Customizing your football table
To customize your football table and make it unique, you can change a wide range of parts (rails, players, handles…) according to the model and the brand. You can also repaint the different parts, including the players, the cabinet, and the legs, but also add stickers wherever you like!